jQuery plugin to fetch tweets using the Twitter JSON API

Over a year ago I posted a script showing how you could fetch tweets using jQuery and Twitter’s JSON API, and to my surprise it has had a decent amount of traffic. So now that I’ve been learning more JavaScript and jQuery I decided to re-write the script as a jQuery plugin. The plugin allows […]

Building a town/country picker using Google’s Geocoding API and jQuery

I’m currently working on a new “social” site for a startup and when building some of the forms, one of the bits of information we need to collect from users is their country and town or city. Nothing really new, but I didn’t want to build an enormous dropdown with every country in the world […]

Fetching tweets with jQuery and the Twitter JSON API

Just thought it’d be nice to share this little script that fetches tweets using a jQuery AJAX request and the Twitter API. The script is based on a snippet I picked up from my good friend Sven Lito. I’ve added verbose comments in the code itself, so let’s keep this post short 😉 This post […]