PhantomJS on SmartOS

So I’ve been playing around with Joyent’s Smart Data Center for a few days and so far it’s been a very positive experience. Today I was deploying a test app when bang!

> [email protected] install /root/releases/web/node_modules/haribo/node_modules/phantomjs
> node install.js

Unexpected platform or architecture: sunos x64

Silly me I didn’t remember I was depending on phantomjs, and it turns out there is no “official” binary for SmartOS. This seems to have been an issue for a while.

The GitHub issue is a long one… but luckily I spotted @mamash‘s comments (and contributions), where he shared a link to a pre-built binary for SmartOS, oh yeah! This binary is for phantomjs 1.9.8, which is not exactly the latest, but will suffice for my experiment.

So I went ahead, dowloaded, linked the binary and voil?!

After following these steps, phantomjs is now on my PATH and seems to work as expected. So far, I have been able to run all of my phantomjs scripts.

Now the question becomes: What needs to be resolved in order to build/compile PhantomJS 2.0 on SmartOS/Solaris? Any ideas? I will likely be exploring this in the near future, but I’m no C++ expert, so pointers would be appreciated 😉